Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Giving Back

It seems this is the time of year we become more aware of giving back: to our community; to our loved ones; to those we often under-appreciate in the busyness of life. For us at YOMM, giving back it all about giving back to our roots in our homeland in Africa and it's something we do all year long.

It has been decades since we have parted ways with that part of the globe, but we will never forget where we came from and continue to work hard to give back to our roots. We are thankful for the opportunities we have seen outside of Africa, and we strive to create opportunities in our homeland as well.

Hibiscus Tea - zobo - is a popular drink in Nigeria: the birthplace of each and every petal that is used in YOMM Natural Hibiscus Tea and drinks. The YOMM hibiscus farm in Africa employs twenty people, providing opportunities for rural farmers to provide basic necessities for their families: food; shelter; and education.

However you take your Vitamin C and antioxidant rich YOMM tea (cool & on-the-go; or hot and brewed in your favourite mug at home) - you are helping rural African farmers. Now that's something you can feel good about.

How are you giving back this year in your community? 
Please comment - we'd love to hear what's making you feel good this holiday season!

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Herbal Tea – Mother Nature's Medicine

We have the ancient Chinese emperor Shennong to thank for the tea culture we now know and love. According to legend, Shennong was a stickler for hygiene and ordered that all water in the palace be boiled before drinking. One day, leaves from a wild bush fell into the water his men were boiling for him... And voila, the first cup of tea was brewed.

Shennong's legendary cup of tea 5000 years ago was the beginning of humans looking to reap the benefits of plants by creating tisanes: an infusion of the plant or herb in boiling water. In drinking a well-steeped herbal tea, we can get all the plant's benefits in an easily digestible form. Tea has become the second most consumed drink in the world (next to water) and there are thousands of blends in existence. 

So why should you enjoy a cup of tea instead of your morning cup of Joe? We'll let the benefits of tisanes speak for themselves.

Benefits of Tisanes


-Drinking herbal tea is a lot like taking a vitamin pill, you just need to ensure that you are taking the right vitamin for your body and ailment. For example, if you like a mint tea after dinner to help with digestion, spearmint tea is the better choice than peppermint, as spearmint helps stimulate digestive enzymes and helps to digest protein in a way that peppermint doesn't. In addition to that, if you are someone who tends to run 'hot' – prone to high blood pressure, hot tempered – peppermint can heat you up even more while spearmint is quite cooling and soothing.


-Not only are tisanes a great source of vitamins, they provide your body with much needed hydration. Hydration is key to clear skin, weight loss, and feeling less fatigued. Drinking a cup of decaffeinated tea everyday is like giving your body an extra glass of water, making reaching eight glasses in a day a little bit easier.


-It's Tea Time! A cup of tea is something that can be shared with friends, offered to guests, and made for a loved one who is sick. The Brits have got it right by setting aside a special time of the day for tea and socializing. Why not try setting up a tea time with a loved one and see the benefits it brings?


-It's as though you can get the soothing effects from a cup of tea before even drinking it. The smell of herbal teas act as aromatherapy, especially petal teas: they tend to be very aromatic and beneficial for your mood and your health.

When choosing a herbal tea it is important to look for a well-sourced product made from high quality ingredients. YOMM Hibiscus Tea is 100% natural with no preservatives, colouring, or artificial flavouring and has all of the benefits of the exotic hibiscus petal. Many cultures across the globe have brewed the sun dried petals of hibiscus into herbal tea and drinks for many years, its beneficial properties have been used as a part of folk medicine for centuries in those cultures as well.

The health benefits of hibiscus

-High in antioxidants
-Anti-hypertensive to control cholesterol levels
-Lowers high blood pressure
-Source of vitamin C

Recent studies have shown that varieties of the hibiscus flower have measured higher levels of antioxidants than in green tea and pomegranates.

This tart flavoured, crimson-coloured tea can be served hot after a meal; or on ice, with a little bit of sweetener, for a refreshing iced drink on a hot day. Served hot or cold, YOMM Hibiscus Tea hydrates and provides you with your daily dose of antioxidants.

You can feel good about buying this locally produced herbal tea: the hibiscus flowers are cultivated in rural Nigeria, which provides struggling African farmers economic stability. The petals of the flowers are then sent to Winnipeg, where the tea is produced and packaged at the Food Development Centre in Portage La Prairie, MB.

Founded in 2011 by Meshak Kusa and Micheal Daramola, YOMM set forth with a vision to create a healthy product that helps to grow the economy in both their native land of Nigeria and their new home in Manitoba. Hibiscus tea is very popular in Nigeria, and Kusa and Daramola wanted to share the benefits of the drink they grew up with the North American culture, as there was yet to be a North American company producing Hibiscus. Every time you buy YOMM, you are supporting the local Manitoban economy as well as a struggling village in Africa, and every time you savour one of their products, you are putting pure, natural ingredients, full of antioxidants and vitamin C into your body. Now that is a drink that really does make you feel good inside and out.

YOMM Hibiscus Tea is available where your favourite health foods are sold, in different varieties: loose tea bags (original or naturally flavoured with lemon, ginger, and rose hips); dried hibiscus petals loose tea; and in ready to drink varieties available unsweetened or in naturally sweetened varieties (original, lemon and strawberry).

Infuse your day with goodness, enjoy a cup of herbal tea. Cheers to your health!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A Flower By Any Other Name - Hibiscus Around the World

Hibiscus tea has been enjoyed for centuries across many cultures, from Egypt, India, the Caribbean and beyond. While the benefits of drinking this crimson coloured, tart flavoured drink are the same around the world, the name of this super drink varies from place to place.

Here are some of the most common names used for Hibiscus tea
Roselle - East Africa
Rosella - Australia
Arhul ka phool - India
Agua de Jamaica - Latin America
Karkadé - Egypt, Italy & Sudan
Chai Kujarat - Iraq
Red sorrel - Carribean
Jamaica - USA
Osseille - France
Zobo - Nigeria
Guamamela - Philippines
Chai Torsh - Iran
Bissap - West Africa
Tsoborodo - West Africa
Wonjo - West Africa

Whether you call it Roselle or Bissap, consuming the healing properties of this antioxidant-packed drink always makes you feel good

Look for YOMM in convenient ready to drink bottles at your favourite retailer and discover the names of hibiscus on the cap. Available in sweetened or naturally sweetened with lemon, strawberry or agave.

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